Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We, like our clients, are entrepreneurs at heart.  We understand the business challenges and objectives of our clients. Our advice is more than pure legal advice - it is practical advice that reflects our entrepreneurial spirit.

Honesty and Integrity

We deal honestly, openly and professionally with our clients and with each other.  We work solely for our clients to advance their interests, without interference from outside interests.  Our reputation depends on our integrity.


We are open and fair with our clients on billing and other matters.

Hard Work

We work hard to achieve our clients' goals.


We are accessible at all times.  We respond to our clients' messages promptly.

Proactive and Strategic Advice

We take initiative.  We understand our clients' businesses and provide strategic advice that looks at the big picture.

Cost-Effective Legal Services

We provide the highest quality legal services on a cost-effective basis.  We are flexible on our billing arrangements.


We work not as individuals, but as an integrated team.  This ensures the best, most cost-effective outcome for our clients.


We strive for excellence in all that we do - our firm, our advice, our lives.